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Technology :

Technology Overview:

Welcome to KS technology section
As shown on the left menu bar, the technology section provides information about:
  • Search science and methodology
  • Indexing and crawling science
  • Conversion technology
  • The information landscape
  • Operating support systems
  • Deployment frameworks
  • Packaged systems and data center hosting


A central feature of KS solutions is the use of best-of-breed applications and operating systems; while deploying specific-purpose frameworks that are hard tested for real world security, usefulness, reliability and support:
  • Unix and Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • KS Java based pattern profiling and vector based mathematics
  • KS browser visualization
  • Java API's for crawling, index, forums and information management
  • MySQL data management systems for supervisory controls and user management
  • Ligature Character Eyes OCR and Microsoft based voice API for conversion
  • Intel XEON class and AMD processors and mother boards in server clusters
  • Data center ASP's with commercial grade communications, switching and support

All systems are designed for user workflow and visualization friendliness. KS technology is focused on simplifying difficult tasks for ease of deployment and support.

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