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Technology :


Turnkey packaged applications
KS products are turnkey packaged systems as a norm, however they can be purchased as software in DVD or downloaded from KS servers. Please consult the configuration and pricing tables for details.

Turn Key Packaged Server Technology
All KS products are installed on servers with either Microsoft Windows or Unix operating systems. Before packages are shipped, crawl, index, and search tests are performed to ensure systems are functioning to specifications. As soon as the packages are delivered to the data center or your location of choice, KS consultants begin the configuration and deployment steps necessary to ensure reliable operation in your facility and communication infrastructure. For mission critical search and web hosted deployments, it is advisable to provide redundant internet connections. Normal office and staff use within your network and remote Internet connectivity can be achieved with reliable DSL or Cable service (Clinics, law, and insurance offices, for example).

Staging and Configuration
As soon as the packages are delivered to the data center or your location of choice, a KS post-sales consultant or your reseller will begin the configuration and deployment steps to make your package operate based on your needs. Training also begins at this point to acclimatize your staff with the use of the various systems for search, communications, file sharing, RSS feeds and announcements.

Data center Infrastructure
Application service providers (ASP's) and data centers are KS hosting partners, which adhere to strict service specifications related to:
  • Power backup and redundancy capability
  • Redundant Internet communication backbones
  • Certified Technical staff (UNIX and Microsoft Windows)
  • Application training and client consulting services
  • IT client support
  • High volume switching for load and concurrency
  • 100 Mbit/sec minimum bandwidth
  • Security and backup
  • Technical user support

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