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Solutions :

Specific Professional Use



KS products are comprised of a family of applications
Welcome to the KS solutions section of the web site. The left navigation bar can be used for reviewing various solutions. KS products can be applied to a variety of imaginative solutions, a list of which is provided in the left side menu. Please click each for details. At the core, solutions for specific application utilize the following features:
  • Search and pattern profiling of information, knowledge and intelligence assets
  • Crawling and indexing these assets
  • Information mapping for servers, clusters, networks and sites
  • Search, communications and collaboration site deployment
  • Conversion of paper and voice into text (searchable assets)
KS is ideal for transforming documents, information and knowledge repositories into searchable platforms. Whether you wish to build a repository or search existing information resources, the technology automates crawling, indexing, search and site deployment.

The specific products to carry out these roles are:
  • PatternScape (pattern mapping and profiling search with document analysis)
  • CrawlScape (enterprise or single server crawl and index management for building and transforming knowledge repositories into searchable platforms)
  • ScapeShape (a visualization framework for communication and search deployments)
  • SoftPaperScape (automated paper to text conversion technology with auto-collation and error detection)
  • SpeakScape (automated voice transcription to documents with auto-split, collation, and error detection)
(Please refer to technology and products sections for details)

Some uses are:
  • Management and information research
  • Reference and published repositories
  • Specialized professional analysis for:
    • Law
    • Medical
    • Financial
    • Engineering
    • Scientific
    • Commercial
    • Marketing
    • Human capital management
    • Competitive analysis

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