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Solutions :

Specific Professional Use

Manufacturing and Production:


Pattern profiling and mapping
Pattern profiling search can be used to identify patterns and relating conditions for the manufacturing professional. The use of search is transformed from a simple lookup tool to a mapping system for related variants, thereby providing visual comparisons of similar conditions and resolutions. As the repository of information grows the complexity of inter-relationships grows exponentially. PS helps to track and associate these complex conditions in a simple ClusterView structure.

Example: The PLC network and the process control automation system together with production management systems all report related conditions. A fault or disruption in production occurs and the problem must be diagnosed. Simply enter conditions into the PS search pad and the system will present related conditions in a ClusterView map as condition variants, thereby helping management track the problem and cause from previous known events.

Example use:
  • Reference and diagnosis
  • Fault analysis
  • Maintenance records and analysis
  • Design research
  • Production analysis
  • Equipment analysis
  • Machinery maintenance and fault histories

Crawling, indexing, and transforming cross platform information into searchable assets
In order to acquire all this information and build a central repository of diagnostic data, CrawlScape can be used to crawl each system in the distributed network and create an index of all known information events. CrawlScape can operate across diverse networks, systems and information types to create multiple specific purpose indexes.

An Intranet deployment utility and visualization portal
ScapeShape is an Intranet file sharing utility with a visualization framework for deploying browser-based web and Intranet sites. It is a multi-zone portal for:

  • Searching documents and files within its network
  • Communication discussion groups
  • File sharing and control under the extensive Intranet deployment utility
  • Co-existence search pad for common terms
  • RSS (news) feeds
  • Public announcements and advertising
  • Top activity zones
  • Paperless office user interface
  • Speak to text (voice notes) user interface

With these systems, it is possible to deploy unique Intranet Search sites for every department or specialty in a firm. This is made possible with the integration of an automated crawler, pattern profiling search, and ScapeShape Intranet deployment utility.

Paper and voice conversion, and knowledge base inclusion
SoftPaperScape and SpeakScape can be employed for transforming physical assets (plant and maintenance reports, voice recorded reports, tests and observations, and specifications and manuals) into searchable documents. These resulting assets are useful for building or adding to knowledge and information repositories. Both conversion systems transform documents into searchable assets using conversion technology such as OCR and Speak2Text. Large documents are broken into small searchable parts while long recordings are split into snippets for efficient review. All this is done automatically by SPKS and SPS.

Please refer to the technology or products sections for details.

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