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Solutions :

Specific Professional Use

Law Enforcement, Terrorism, and Crime:


Short list of pattern profiling search uses and visualization:
  • Case file and incident report mapping
  • Apprehension and identification (alias and similarity mapping)
  • Repeated crime profiling
  • Forensic psychology analysis
  • Criminology analysis
  • Officer skills profiling
  • Staff assignments profiling
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Private investigation and comparison
  • Terrorist and organized behavior profiling
  • Crime scene mapping

Pattern profiling and mapping
Law enforcement and investigators can use the KS family of products for pattern profiling search and an array of collaboration and visualization resources, which assist in identifying and exchanging case information. Millions of case and incident documents can be searched instantly using the pattern profiling features of PatternScape. Criminal similarities as well as differences are presented as variants in ClusterView thereby assisting the user to identify a short list of likely relating traits and profiles (suspects). Behavior forensics, criminology and repeated criminal activity are mapped for investigative choices. Resulting clusters can be observed for investigative profiling, identification and apprehension.

Example: A set of evidence markers at a crime scene and during an investigation has been observed. PatternScape maps the evidence and observations against known criminal records, incidents and security reports, therefore locating closely related and inter-related records (variants). In some cases PS will identify multiple identity aliases- a profiling condition. Related events, crimes and behavior begin to propagate in the ClusterView presentation of PS - excellent for repeating crime such as bank fraud, terrorism and organized criminal activity.

Crawling, indexing, and transforming cross platform information into searchable assets
CrawlScape can crawl and index multiple case folders, data resources, digital reference materials, libraries, Internet and information assets for use in search. Each asset can be unique or combined for a broad search infrastructure. The investigator, criminologist, forensic professional and analyst can benefit from pattern profiling crime, evidence and subjects.

An Intranet deployment utility and visualization portal
ScapeShape is an Intranet file sharing utility with a visualization framework for deploying browser-based web and Intranet sites. It is a multi-zone portal for:
  • Searching documents and files within its network
  • Communication discussion groups
  • File sharing and control under the extensive Intranet deployment utility
  • Co-existence search pad for common terms
  • RSS (news) feeds
  • Public announcements and advertising
  • Paperless office user interface
  • Speak to text (voice notes) user interface

With these systems, it is possible to deploy unique Intranet Search sites for every department or specialty in a firm. This is made possible with the integration of an automated crawler, pattern profiling search, and ScapeShape Intranet deployment utility.

Paper and voice conversion, and knowledge base inclusion
The conversion and collating features of SoftPaperScape and SpeakScape can be employed for transforming physical assets (reports, observations, interviews, decisions, consults, and recordings) into searchable indexes. These resulting assets are useful for building and adding to knowledge and information repositories. Both of these systems transform content into searchable indexes. Large documents are broken into searchable parts while long recordings are split into snippets for efficient review. All this is done automatically by SPKS and SPS.

Please refer to the technology or products sections for details.

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