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Solutions :

Specific Professional Use

Financial and Investment:


Pattern profiling and mapping for finical audits and forensics, investment and analysis
KnowledgeShape products can be used in a variety of applications for  financial and investment analysis and auditing. KS products are used to crawl, index, search and share information with users. These information repositories can be created from multiple financial systems, folders, sites shares, protocols and applications. KS products provide the crawling tools to automate gathering and indexing the data of complex systems and network repositories, while ScapeShape provides search, discussions and collaboration for visualization.

Internal repositories, professionally acquired information and knowledge assets can be integrated into the pattern-profiling framework for advanced user data mining. Financial instruments, reports and decisions can be examined for inter-relationships and similarities using PatternScape information clustering.  Voice and paper documents can be converted and used for search in the SoftPaperScape and SpeakScape frameworks.

Examples: financial reports, quarterlies, records and transactions can be converted, crawled, indexed and analyzed for trends and inter-relationships. KS simply makes the information repositories accessible and available to users through a web browser for search, file sharing, crawling and conversion.

An Intranet deployment utility and visualization portal
ScapeShape is an Intranet file sharing utility with a visualization framework for deploying browser-based web and Intranet sites. It is a multi-zone portal for:
  • Searching documents and files within its network
  • Communication discussion groups
  • File sharing and control under the extensive Intranet deployment utility
  • Co-existence search pad for common terms
  • RSS (news) feeds
  • Public announcements and advertising
  • Paperless office user interface
  • Speak to text (voice notes) user interface

Crawling, indexing and transforming cross platform information into searchable assets
CrawlScape, a browser based UI is a gathering and indexing tool that can be used as an automated crawl manager for the simplest to most complex network and intranet topologies. If the research department for example, wants a search and mining tool for a market and corporate intelligence asset, CS can manage the process of crawling and indexing the distinct networks and systems where related knowledge and information reside. The network may contain http or ftp servers, network shares and folders, various document types or Internet sites. CS can crawl and index the needed targets-systematically and automatically. The resulting framework can treat each target as distinct search sites or combine them into enterprise repositories.

Paper and voice conversion and knowledge base inclusion
Conversion and collating features of SoftPaperScape and SpeakScape can be employed for transforming physical assets (paper based reports, references, voice recorded reports, recorded observations, discussions, and consultations) into searchable transcribed documents. These resulting assets are useful for building or adding to knowledge and information repositories. Both conversion systems transform scanned documents or voice recordings into searchable assets for use in ScapeShape. Large documents are broken into searchable parts while long recordings are split into snippets for efficient review. All this is done automatically by SPKS and SPS.

Please refer to the technology or products sections for details.

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