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Solutions :

Specific Professional Use

Banking, Financial and Insurance sectors:


Uses and examples of KS Intranet and search products:

ATM/ABM Debit card and credit card fraud tracking and prevention

The Fraud Scenario: Four different ABM/ATM machines receive cards from users over a few minutes. Each is submitted for search clustering analysis and four cards being entered are found to co-exist in a POS machine at some past date-an unlikely event for normal life. Thus fraud is indicated and the cards are submitted to the hot list and an alert is emailed to security analysts for kill or suspend action. In the event of a mass attack these four cards provide the system with enough information to create the POS hot list for Killing or Suspending all cards within the date these four co-exist. Result: financial loss prevention. see the following link for brochures.


  • Mortgage application processing for uncovering fraud and establishing viability. See ATM/ABM section for specialized presentation of multiple card mapping and tracking. 
  • Cheque scanning mapping and analysis for patterns and fraud
  • Insurance underwriting automation with mapping and comparison to huge policy repositories. Compare new applications with completed policy intelligence and compare know information repositories where applicant has information is published such as medical sites etc.
  • Intranet deployments with document management search and retrieval
  • Archiving solution for a green paperless office
  • Investment scenario mapping for ideal portfolio analysis
  • Financial advisors search and comparison portfolio management
  • Client information repositories
  • Security and risk information search and analysis
  • Teller forms and instruments conversion (paperless environment)
  • Recorded voice notes and observations

A debit card or multiple cards are being used in certain ways which suggests fraudulent use. Bank security enters behavior and use patterns into PatternScape and finds other cards being used in closely matching ways - a fraudulent card operation is suggested.

Pattern profiling and mapping
Financial institution personnel and security can use the KS family of products for accessing vast information, intelligence and knowledge repositories using PatternScape pattern profiling search. The system lends itself well to information mining and more specifically for security to track fraud and misuse that impact corporate exposure. In particular, there are some examples below that speak to the issue of fraud.

For day-to-day research and communications the technology is a visualization tool for the vast information and knowledge assets of insurance and banking operations. Millions of transaction-based documents and their intrinsic patterns can be monitored for mapping of suspicious behavior, or for simple day-to-day retrieval purposes.

Similarities and differences in a search query are presented as variants in "ClusterView". This helps the user to track and find a short list of likely relating traits and profiles within the repositories, thereby rendering search an effective filtering tool for huge intelligence assets. For example, behavior mapping of (repeating) fraud activity is the result of pattern search and ClusterView mapping.

Search results can be examined for investigative profiling, identification and prevention. Naturally the system can also be used for other purposes; the choices of which are unlimited where search and find are needed. Most importantly is that PS can be useful where vast information repositories contain valuable yet complex inter-related information.

Example: A loans officer is examining an application and submits an applicant’s "reason for loan" using the PS Document Mapping feature.  Inter-relation with other known fraud cases and applications alerts the attention of security and risk management or shows cases where approval is normal.

Crawling, indexing and transforming cross platform information into searchable assets
CrawlScape, a browser based UI gathering and indexing tool, can be used as an automated crawl manager for the simplest to most complex information and document networks. CS can manage the process of crawling and indexing distinct department by department information and systems where intelligence and information reside. The resulting framework can treat each index as a distinct searchable site for specific user groups or combine all information into enterprise searchable assets.

An Intranet deployment utility and visualization portal
ScapeShape is an Intranet file sharing utility with a visualization framework for deploying browser-based web and Intranet sites. It is a multi-zone portal for:
  • Searching documents and files within its network
  • Communication discussion groups
  • File sharing and control under the extensive Intranet deployment utility
  • Co-existence search pad for common terms
  • RSS (news) feeds
  • Public announcements and advertising
  • Top activity zones
  • Paperless office user interface
  • Speak to text (voice notes) user interface

With these systems, it is possible to deploy unique Intranet Search sites for every department or specialty in a firm. This is made possible with the integration of an automated crawler, pattern profiling search, and ScapeShape Intranet deployment utility.

Paper and voice conversion, and knowledge base inclusion
Conversion and collating features of SoftPaperScape and SpeakScape can be employed to transform physical assets of professional firms (paper based reports, financial instruments, references, voice recorded reports (voice notes), recorded observations, discussions, and consultations) into searchable transcribed documents. These resulting assets are useful for building, or adding to knowledge and information repositories. Both systems transform scanned documents or voice notes into  searchable assets. Large documents are broken into searchable parts while long recordings are split into snippets for efficient review. All this is done automatically by SPKS and SPS.

Please refer to the technology or products sections for details.

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