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Core Systems

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Servers and Storage:

Single server solutions
Single servers are configured with optimum performance in mind for all KS packages with document loads of 500,000 to millions of documents. The following table illustrates configurations and types of hardware used for these solutions. Servers are normally bundled with software to simplify the deployment requirements of KS systems and to ensure optimum operating conformance. Nevertheless, users who wish to buy software and hardware separately can buy servers from KS, which conform to KS performance and install standards, or use their own assets.

Servers in cluster
When users need high concurrency performance and large document search capability, servers-in-cluster are configured as shown in the following table. In large applications, servers are dedicated to crawl, index, search, visualization and communication tasks. Applications are  thus distributed across the hardware topology. When use-concurrency and large quantity document search are needed, servers in-cluster are configured to distribute the load in a clustered (parallel-servers) configuration.

Server Package Xeon
Total Raid Storage (TB) Cabinet Size UPS PDU Switch
XM-1 2 8 1 15U x   0
XM-2 4 8 1 15U x   24
XM-3 4 8 2 15U x   24
XM-4 4 16 4 42U   x 24
XM-5 8 32 8 42U   x 48
XM-6 20 80 12 42U   x 48
XM-7 60 240 20 42U   x 48
XM-8 80 320 20 42U   x 48

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