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Core Systems

Hosted Online Solutions

Products Overview:

Welcome to the products section of the KnowledgeShape (KS) site. The following descriptions are expanded in more detail and can be seen by using the navigation bar on the left side of this page. Screen shots of the browser based Internet technologies are presented below.


Core systems for search, crawl and visualization
KnowledgeShape products are scalable search and information management frameworks for the small office, company department, and for large enterprises. Information, intelligence and knowledge repositories that span vast networks and document platforms can be integrated into the frameworks. The frameworks are used for search, crawling, indexing, site deployment, and paper and voice notes conversion. ScapeShape is used to publish information for visualization, search and collaboration while also providing extensive Intranet file sharing capability with its file and document container functionality.

Hosted data center solutions
Affordable onramps for the paperless office, hosted intranet search solutions, web sites and co-location packages are available for the modest budget while large scalable hosted solutions are available for the enterprise. KS data center products can be purchased in a variety of flavors for as little as $250 per month for small offices. Pricing and solutions are available for large scale server clusters for the enterprise that needs co-location data center resources and professional IT services.

Developers kits for crawl and index configuration
To assist search solutions developers, CrawlScape is available as crawl and index configuration tool under a modest developer cost model. As soon as developers move development systems into user-deployments they are refunded or credited the modest developer kit cost.

Data sets with crawl-managed services
The crawl-managed service is for users, with crawling and indexing projects, who need assistance and resources to manage processes and servers related to large scale crawling. The data set service is an all inclusive package in which the data center professional IT staff manage projects for the client, host indexes and repositories. Depending on the size of the need, KS assigns sufficient dedicated IT staff and automated crawl, index and deployment tools for managing user needs.

Servers and storage
KS has tested and configured an array of server technology for use in crawling, indexing, search, and site visualization deployments. Most KS solutions are purchased as packages including servers. Clients may also buy additional servers for load and concurrency needs from KS. All KS servers are tested, staged and configured for KS load and concurrency needs.

Software tool sets (as in images at top of page)
KS products can be purchased as software only solutions that users wish to deploy on their existing server infrastructure. Software can be deployed in Unix or Microsoft Windows operating environments under Apache application servers.

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