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Pattern Profiler:

3rd Party search platforms (as found on
You may purchase PatternScape if you would like to exploit an existing search platform with the enhanced capability of pattern profiling search. PS can be interfaced to these other search systems so that these assets can be enhanced with PS cluster mapping and pattern profiling search.

Integration with DMOZ friendly search web sites (target index deployment)
This integration is available for a variety of target systems and information repositories. The enhanced mining capability of PS will increase the value of these existing search assets. The method for integration is effective: Search results in PS submit to URL's of a variety of friendly systems. In addition to Dmoz friendly sites PS can be deployed on top of university libraries, product and resume sites and any URL command line friendly site, for instance.

Database Integration
Database integration with PS has been designed to search a text mirror (XML) of database table records. These XML files are record equivalents of database content and form a cross table relationship through "key" associations.

The benefit in creating mirrored replicas and polytuplets is to reduce transaction loads and increase search speed for highly stressed database deployments. Search on dynamic tables is accomplished through automated crawl-repetition settings in CrawlScape or direct SQL connections.

Uses for multiple target search
The distinction of this feature from "internal" Multiple Index Searching is that it allows for targeting "external" indexes. Example: Searching the FBI crime case database and targeting the (external) Interpol database for resulting pattern matches (ideal for leveraging external assets). Therefore, if you have already purchased a search system, or wish to target external intelligence sources, we can help by providing Pattern Profiler integration.


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