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Hosted Web Site Search:

The pattern mapping profiler
KS provides PatternScape and ScapeShape technology as an online solution for web sites needing advanced pattern profiling search capability. It is available in two flavors: an ISP complete-package for ISP hosted web sites or as a single, user-site, search solution. For single site users, please select the hosted account option for starter packages and a search instance will be provided for your site. ISP's can choose the special offers selection located in the pricing section and the main page drop down (the ISP Skid).


Office interface and web front end
The hosted Internet web site solution is a dedicated PatternScape search site in which web site content is indexed for lookup by your site visitors. The solution is ideal for complex web sites or wherever information has variant like structures and granularity found in product sites, job sites, and scientific or reference repositories, to name a few. The solution lends well to instances in which users lack IT and  network resources yet require an advanced search solution for highly valuable and complex site information.

Vast information repositories
Information sites that have vast intelligence and knowledge repositories can benefit from KS advanced search and portal solutions. Information publishers can increase their asset values by providing pattern profiling search to its users. This encourages increased analytic access to information assets. A publisher can provide access to their vast information historical assets while maintaining access firewalls for login users and subscribers. KS technologies enable publishers to leverage existing assets into revenue earning products. Please refer to product and technology details for discussions.

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