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Hosted Paperless Office:

The paper asset
The KS paperless office solution is available as a modestly priced online solution for those in need of inexpensive paper based document automation. This solution is ideal for medical clinics and law offices. The service is outlined in the table below and can be purchased from the configuration and pricing section. It can be upgraded to a full server version simply by buying the packaged system when you are ready.

Online Paperless Account #-IP Scanner Error
Auto-Sort User
SPSO-1 1   x x
SPSO-2 1 x x x
SPSO-3 5 x x x
SPSO-4 10 x x x
SPSO-Enterprise 100 x x x

Hosted paperless account pricing link.

Office interface and web front end
All recorded voice notes and converted content files are stored in SpeakScape folders under an Intranet based ScapeShape site for speak-to-text file sharing and control. File Containers are capable of containing folders for every user or designation determined by your administrators.

Scanners and IP Interface and FAX uploads
The user may either configure a network IP based scanner or a Fax machine for uploading to the server. The IP scanner uploads via Intranet/Internet/VPN connectivity while the fax machine uses convention telecommunications networks.

Folders and document storage
Uploaded scanned documents are stored in private account (folders) containers, which are accessible using your private (ScapeShape) web and Intranet access portal. File containers and Pattern Profiling Search is also user protected.

Searching the paperless environment
All uploaded documents are stored, indexed and searched using the ScapeShape search zone and 2x2 search pad thereby eliminating the need for DVD or CD storage solutions. Please review paperless office details in the technology section.


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