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Online Solutions for Intranet search
KnowledgeShape provides its pattern profiling and ScapeShape technology as an online solution for those in need of inexpensive digital search solutions for offices. This solution is ideal for stand alone businesses, small offices, medical offices and law offices but can be used by anyone interested in Intranet based search and storage. ScapeShape, an Intranet building utility and deployments system can be used to provide an extensive Intranet infrastructure for any office environment.

The service is outlined in the configuration and pricing section. It is an affordable and modest solution and can be upgraded by buying the server based package (SS-1) when you are ready. Please review pricing and configuration section for details.

Office interface and web front end
The hosted Intranet/Internet site solution is identical to the packaged ScapeShape solution except for the fact the user has a private hosted account on a triple-server topology rather than their own servers. Front-end access is through your, user-specific, ScapeShape site. Login and password accounts ensure privacy and access control for each client user group. Please see the technology section for details and data center upgrades for VPN tunneling etc.

User management
Users are assigned login accounts to their private intranet site and can use all the features of ScapeShape for pattern-profiling search, communications, discussion groups, file sharing controls and user defined RSS feeds.

Folders and document storage
CrawlScape is used to crawl and index your company documents, information servers and web sites thereby providing interface to your repositories across the internet through the ScapeShape file collaboration and search system.

Searching the paperless environment and voice notes
The user may also upgrade the system to accept scanned paper uploads for conversion and storage, and/or recorded (wav) transcription uploads. All you need is an (IP) network scanner for auto-uploads (Note: recorded wav files are handled in similar fashion). Please see the technology section for SpeakScape and SoftPaperScape details.


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