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Internal network crawl (Intranets)
KnowledgeShape provides a crawling service for clients who need a managed service for crawling and indexing networks, document repositories, databases and email. Clinics, law offices and similar organizations might not have the internal technical resources while IT departments might simply be too busy to provide the crawl and indexing needs of each user group search needs. Thus, KS provides professional oversight and outsourcing management for the task.

Building or using intelligence repositories
If you possess an intelligence or knowledge repository or wish to build one, KS data set crawl and index service can create and manage such assets in its own data center. Please refer to the following table and pricing section for details.

Internet site content crawls   

Internet web site crawls are used for:
  • Building searchable Internet based search repositories
  • Building content centric search sites or
  • Corporate special purpose Internet knowledge repositories. 

KS data centers are equipped with multiple crawl and index servers, and appropriate switching and bandwidth capacity for crawling and indexing projects. This is an outsourcing service which ensures that your own IT resources are not stressed for creating and constantly updating intelligence and knowledge assets.

Remote Crawl and Index Packages Internet
CIP-1M   x x x    
CIP-5M   x x x    
CIP-10M   x x x    
CIP-25M x x x x    
CIP-100M x x x x    
CIP-200M x x x x    
CIP-200M+ x x x x x x

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