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Products :

Core Systems

Hosted Online Solutions

Co-Location Products:

Professionally Managed Servers
Co-location services are available for clients who wish to use professionally managed data center facilities for their KS servers rather than install in their own facilities.

Secure, Private VPN and VLAN's
Highly trained IT support staff and help desks assist in managing hosted servers and applications, thereby eliminating the need for KS clients to concern themselves with the issues of managing server and web-based systems. All co-location, shared and hosted applications are installed behind a protective wall of security. VPN (virtual private networking) together with VLANs, provide highly encrypted security and privacy needs, regardless of where you login or where your remote scanners and voice upload applications reside on the network (Intra and Internet).


Any packaged system that includes remote IP scanners can be supported by the data center of choice. KS is constantly reviewing ISP's, data centers and ASP companies throughout the world. Hosts must pass a rigorous test regarding redundancy, bandwidth, power and security to qualify as a local region KS-data center.

Configurations Table
Please review the following table for co-location choices and description. This table can also be found in the pricing and configuration section when you are ready for a quote or place an order.

Hosting Package
# of 2U
Rack Slots
Help Desk (hrs/month) Tech Support (hrs) KVM
over IP
Power 24/7
COLO-L1-1 1 1 1   x  
COLO-L1-2 1 2 4   x  
COLO-L1-10 1 4 6 x x  
COLO-L1-20 1 6 8 x x x
COLO-L1-40 1 10 10 x x x
COLO-L2-1 1 1 1   x  
COLO-L2-2 1 2 4   x  
COLO-L2-10 1 4 6 x x  
COLO-L2-20 1 6 8 x x x
COLO-L2-40 1 10 10 x x x
COLO-L3-1 1 1 1   x  
COLO-L3-2 1 2 4   x  
COLO-L3-10 1 4 6 x x  
COLO-L3-20 1 6 8 x x x
COLO-L3-40 1 10 10 x x x

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