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Configuration and Pricing :



Price Sheet Overview:

Welcome to the pricing and configuration zone of the KS web site. This section of the site exists for those who are are interested in getting more configuration ideas on how to use KS for your particular office or enterprise needs. Please use it freely and we will either send you a quote, or a confirming email and a post-sales consultant will contact you by phone to confirm an purchase order and selections.

Navigating the pricing menus and tables
Each link in the navigation menu on the left side takes you to a page with a series of feature tables in which you may select options and configure your purchase or quote. Most tables are options and can be expanded to view details. Your price will be shown in a floating price summary zone under the left menu area where you can also select "recommended" configurations. Recommended configurations are cost-effective boosts if you expect needs to grow.

Special promotion offers and specific solution packages
Special offers from the home page and pull-down selections for particular packaged solutions will auto-populate the pricing forms and tables for you. These offers change from time to time to allow us to coordinate build and test schedules with consulting demand. Please feel free to acquire as many quotes as you need.

Post sales consultant confirmations
All orders are confirmed with by a call center consultant who will confirm the order and clarify choices as well as determine shipping dates, installation and training schedules. All prices include orientation training and installation support. Clients are welcome to upgrade for broader needs.

Monthly rates
All monthly charges are billed the first day of each month with a net 30 days terms, normally. Monthly charges usually begin with a first invoice that includes three months of fees and setup charges.

All quotations are considered valid for 30 business days and each user who receives a quote is given login and passwords for the advanced features on for use in general web search. This login expires at quotation expiry.

Contact information for quotes will be used for emailing deadlines, updates, and promotions information only. In special cases, you might select the option for a sales representative to provide site demonstrations in which case contact will be made to confirm times and needs.

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