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Partners :

Channel Partners


KS suppliers are listed below with links to their web sites.

Commercial suppliers: OCR applications provider Voice conversion API provider database application provider ASP data center managing partner

Web sites of technology used in KS solutions:

Professional development:
Developers are needed from time to time as partners of KS. These partners will provide development and programming tool sets for a multitude of crawl, indexing, and search functions. Any consultant with plug-ins for use in crawling documents, data forms, and email systems are welcome to sign up as providers. Their products will be sold as post-sales processing plug-ins. The consultant will receive royalties from revenue for each of their appliances.

Example appliances:
  • Database crawling and indexing (SQL solutions for real-time dynamic multi-table search)
  • email systems crawling and indexing
  • Engineering documents and drawings crawling and indexing
  • Image header crawling and indexing
  • DNA sequence data table crawling and indexing
  • Mining assay crawling and indexing
  • Lab metric plug-ins
  • Polytuplet filters and plug-ins


Suppliers support systems: channel support, communications, document sharing, search demo facility, current events news and announcements.

  • Developer kits (see pricing and configuration, and credits)

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