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Partners :

Channel Partners

Sales Reps and Agents:

Sales reps and agents are invited to join the KS Channel Partner Program to supply solutions to a variety of market spaces such as medical, corporate real estate, legal, law enforcement, corporate services, manufacturing, and engineering to name a short list.

A sales rep (and agent) is a company that sells software and/or computers and communications hardware to its clients. The sales rep agrees to sell KS products based on the KS pricing tables. Compensation is based on the associated discount schedules, which also includes the installation, services, training, and support services compensation plan. The distinction between a reseller and a sales rep or agent is that the reseller provides installation and support and training services while the rep firm uses KS and the channel for such services.

Typical sales reps and agents:
  • Medical billing software resellers
  • Document management and equipment resellers
  • Real estate support systems reseller
  • Legal services document management firms
  • Automotive information systems resellers
  • Dental equipment firms
  • Computer systems resellers
  • Paperless office resellers
  • Published information resellers
  • Training systems resellers
  • Storage and archiving firms
  • Software sales companies bundling KS products

  • Selling KS systems and related technologies


Representative support systems: channel support, communications, document sharing, search demo facility, current events news and announcements.

  • Hosted SS accounts for building user and specialty specific demo sites, crawls, indexes, search and communications.
  • Dedicated servers for building specialty demo sites, crawls, indexes, search, and communications.

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