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Partners :

Channel Partners

Professional and Consultants:

The consultant
Information consultants are invited to join the KS Channel Partner Program to supply professional services. The professional consultant will normally provide installation, commissioning, configuration, and start up (roll-out) services for KS clients.

The consultant agrees to sell KS services to the channel based on the KS pricing tables but can quote his own pricing for project-based services which are normally defined as 30 days or longer. The consultant will provide services for all the KS products (PatternScape, ScapeShape, CrawlScape, SoftPaperScape, and SpeakScape).

Typical Consultant:
  • Information technology consultants
  • Management consultants
  • Professional services and BPR consultants

  • Installation of Unix based systems
  • Configuration of Tomcat, Apache, Java, and MySQL applications
  • Networks and servers familiarity, and configuration experience
  • KS software training, configuration and user go-live support


Consultant support systems: channel support, communications, document sharing, search demo facility, current events news and announcements.

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