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Partners :

Channel Partners

Partners Overview:

Welcome to the partner section of the KS web site. Please review sign up forms and information below.

Sign up
A list of available KS partnerships is shown below the partner links. Please use the menu on the left side of your browser for details and sign-up forms for the following partnerships.
  • Resellers
  • Sales reps and agents
  • Software distributors
  • VAR’s and Data Centers
  • ASP’s
  • ISP’s
  • Information technology consultants
  • Management consultants
  • Professional services firms
  • Commercial suppliers
  • Technology providers
  • Professional development
  • Software developers and firms
  • Software integration firms
  • Management services firms
  • Knowledge firms
  • Information publishers
  • Capability educators
  • Engineers and architects
  • Medical solutions software companies
  • Resource industry service firms
  • Banking solutions firms

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