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Partners :

Channel Partners


ASP’s are invited to join the KS Channel Partner Program to supply hosted data center solutions for a variety of global geographic locations and market spaces such as medical, corporate, banking, real estate, legal, law enforcement, corporate services, government, manufacturing and engineering to name a short list.

An ASP is a company that is capable of building and supporting server systems or buying such servers from the VAR channel suppliers. The ASP supplies servers, communications, and hosting solutions to KS clients that are hosted at their facilities. The ASP is capable of selling through a channel and supporting it with proposals, demos, and troubleshooting. The ASP agrees to sell KS hosted products (co-location, shared, and dedicated server based packages) based on the KS data center and hosting pricing tables. Compensation is based on the price set by KS, which includes a separate price for support services. The distinction between an ISP and an ASP is that the ASP provides all client application solutions while the ISP is only permitted to host web-based search solutions on its servers. The ASP is permitted and encouraged to operate as a reseller but has its main role as service provider for KS and the channel.

Typical ASP:
  • Data centers with application support capability and managed services
  • ISP’s with advanced user support and hosting infrastructure
  • Software providers and distributors with data centers

ASP Capabilities:
  • 24/7 reboot and help desk support
  • KVM over IP capability
  • Dual redundant Internet pipelines
  • 100 Mbits minimum pipeline capacity
  • Switching to manage high volume packet transfers
  • 8-hour battery backup for data center and/or 48 hour generator supply available as backup to batteries
  • Ability to co-locate 360 cabinet based 1u-servers
  • Supply the KS channel with software, support, and hardware hosted or co-located at ASP center
  • Professional services to support users with help, technical support, and reboots
  • Installation commissioning and start-up capability
  • Building and installing single server systems and cabinet based clusters for ASP locations
  • Configuring IP’s and web (http, ftp) services
  • Configure KS paper and voice conversion software for remote IP scanner uploads
  • Configure browser-based KS software for search, forums, and communications
  • Provide 30 days support and training for all solutions sold to end users
  • Support channel and sales representatives
  • Level 1 as above or
  • Level 2-armed security facilities and or
  • Level 3 military bunker grade


ASP support systems: channel support, communications, document sharing, search demo facility, current events news and announcements.

  • ScapeShape Intranet and Internet site for channel support
  • Hosted SS accounts for building user and specialty specific demo sites, crawls, indexing, search and communications.
  • Dedicated servers for building large specialty demo sites, crawls, indexing, search, and communications.

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