Live Video Broadcasting

for Meetings and Events


VideoShape delivers an interactive live meeting experience using web cams or HD cameras and conventional web browsers. VS media conferencing provides an effective method to connect people and events over long distances without the need for costly travel and accommodations. Drop zones provide visual, audio and graphic presentation for a rich, live meeting experience.

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Videos, Assets and Drop Zones for Simplicity


Unlimited mini drop zones, including an enlarged interactive zone, are used by the meeting host for sharing content, and live video, to all users. Streaming web cams and HD video, together with presentation assets are used for making meetings realistic events. Whiteboards, screencasts, and file sharing assist users in sharing content visually and interactively.



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Pattern Profiling Search
Document Maps & Co-existence
Phrase clusters pattern visualization
Frequency and occurrence

crawling the information backbone: Networks & file shares
Intranets & the Internet
FTP, HTTP, and document URL's

Transforming crawled backbones into searchable indexes.                         System based documents, paper and  voice Notes, databases, email & XML
Images, meta data, & shapefiles
Polytuplets (multiple file associations)

Scanning, OCR (paper to text)
Voice Notes (Speak to Text)
Auto-sort collation with content search
Document crawling & conversion

Patterns, Markers, Traits, Symtomatology
Variants, Clusters, Analysis, Distinction
Vectors & Occurrence (f)
Variant mapping with ClusterViews

Linux, Tomcat, Apache
OCR and speech recognition
JAVA applications
Servers, clusters, map-reduce, distribution
Redundancy, raid & backup
Crawling and indexing application

Intranets & search site site deployments
Announcements &  discussion groups
File containers, sharing & control
RSS Feed Management

Turnkey Packaged Solutions
Staging, Configuration & Setup
Data Center (ASP) Infrastructure

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