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Corporate :

Corporate Information:

International in reach, local in support philosophy and dual in its nature for funding and executing projects
KnowledgeShape is an international company with offices in a variety of locations with support distributed near clients. Corporate management and oversight is provided in southern California, USA and Vancouver, Canada. Development is managed in two key international cities, namely Vancouver, Canada and Colombo, Sri Lanka. Web services and support is provided from Toronto and Los Angeles, CA. Consulting services is distributed throughout the KS channel while coordination and consistency is managed out of San Diego for North America and Dubai for international units. The Middle East regional offices are found in Dubai, UAE and Muscat, Oman. The IT interests of the company span all project area as mentioned below:

Centers of excellence, Technical:
Executive offices:
  • Los Angeles: Escrow and archive Web search services

  • Toronto: Canadian sales, and web based hosting and consulting services

  • San Diego: US consulting, delivery and North American sales

  • Vancouver: CrawlScape, SoftPaperScape and SpeakScape development cell

  • Colombo, SR: PatternScape and ScapeShape development cell

  • Dublin: International Sales and Marketing, support and EU Consulting

  • Dubai: Strategic Development (Global Markets)

Investment Funding for Projects by the larger scope of the Consortium involving the cooperating of Asset Management Holdings:
Executive offices:

Due to the very nature of Private-Investment Financing, it is not prudent to publish the consortium's project financing details, solutions and discussions within this web framework. Nevertheless the company, KS, is owned and managed by the interests of the consortium, a financial investment solutions provider and manager and holding entity of each and every project under its scope including KS. A list of projects is available to those under NCNDA.

The Consortiumís interests are in the following project areas including asset ownership:

   1.   Energy systems and projects in both the renewable sector and the generation classical sectors.
   2.   In-ground exploitation projects for assets in Precious Metals, Oil and Gas and related
         ancillary secondary development industries
   3.   Special emphasis on renewable energies such as Wind, Solar, Secondary Stage Plasma,
         Organic renewable, Primary Generation, Nuclear, and Grid Storage.
   4.   Internet 3 technologies with Terrestrial Networks and Dark Fiber Trans Oceanic Cable with
         redundant backup system within two constellations of Geo Synchronous and Mid Earth
         orbiting satellites. The entire system is controlled by a high speed, high volume
         IDX management array.
   5.   GVN, GEN and GMN global internet networks for Medical Video real time live support systems,
         global education real time accreditation and learning systems and global video networks
         for the delivery of a vast library and developments of content delivery not the least of which
         is education, medical content and cinematic industries.
   6.   Ground Mobile and Cellular Networks operating in high speed high availability environments with
         the GVN satellite redundancy for critical service in developing countires, remote access regions
         where satellite service cannot penetrate and mature markets where GMN and GEN operate.

Executive offices:
  • Toronto: Canadian front office for developing Trade and partner relationship governing financial engineering

  • Vancouver: Masari International Investments Ltd arm of the consortium handles the financial engineering for the company utilizing various funding methods using valuable assets especially Bank Guarantees, SBLCís, LTNís, MTNís and Heritage Bonds placed in financial solutions markets of the private nature.

  • London and Malta: THE EQUIVEST ALLIANCE LTD, at Registered Office: 60 Tigne Towers,Tigne Street, Sliema, SLM 1372, Malta, as Banking and Foundation Management Solutions Provider (EAL)

  • Dubai: Strategic Development (Global Markets), and application of Bank Licenses for the benefit of the Financial Engineered Solutions of MASARI and the consortium at large

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