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Specific Professional Use

Technology :

Pattern Profiling Search
Document Maps & Co-existence
Phrase clusters pattern visualization
Frequency and occurrence

crawling the information backbone: Networks & file shares
Intranets & the Internet
FTP, HTTP, and document URL's

Transforming crawled backbones into searchable indexes.                         System based documents, paper and  voice Notes, databases, email & XML
Images, meta data, & shapefiles
Polytuplets (multiple file associations)

Scanning, OCR (paper to text)
Voice Notes (Speak to Text)
Auto-sort collation with content search
Document crawling & conversion

Patterns, Markers, Traits, Symtomatology
Variants, Clusters, Analysis, Distinction
Vectors & Occurrence (f)
Variant mapping with ClusterViews

Linux, Tomcat, Apache
OCR and speech recognition
JAVA applications
Servers, clusters, map-reduce, distribution
Redundancy, raid & backup
Crawling and indexing application

Intranets & search site site deployments
Announcements &  discussion groups
File containers, sharing & control
RSS Feed Management

Turnkey Packaged Solutions
Staging, Configuration & Setup
Data Center (ASP) Infrastructure

Configuration and Pricing :



Partners :

Channel Partners


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